Sweet Wines

Who doesn't like a little sweet-something every now and again?

At Working Dog, we believe that wine should be approachable, enjoyable, and yes, fun. Our sweeter wines are exactly that -- not syrupy sweet, never cloying. Just great wine with a bit of sweetness for those times when a dry wine simply won't do.

Do you enjoy red or white wine? Try our Ugly Duckling wines. They are made from the same grapes as our dry red and whites, but with a bit of sugar left behind. You will be surprised how good these wines are!

Our current offerings are listed below with tasting notes and recommended food pairings. Come on in to our tasting room to enjoy our wines yourself!

* Please note prices and availability are subject to change

Sunrise Blush - $13.99

Sunrise Blush - $13.99

Sunrise Blush

Our Sunrise Blush wine is an everyday favorite in the Working Dog tasting room. Beautifully pink with a bit of residual sugar for a delicious sipping wine.

Sunrise Blush  - Perfect for enjoying anytime, this peach-colored wine sparkles brightly in the glass. The nose is enticing, with notes of pink grapefruit and citrus.

You'll enjoy the clean taste and sweet mid-palate of this blush. The refreshing finish leaves you yearning for another sip.

Ugly Duckling Red -$17.99 (SOLD OUT)    Ugly Duckling White - $13.99

Ugly Duckling Red -$17.99 (SOLD OUT)

Ugly Duckling White - $13.99

Ugly Duckling

We introduced the Ugly Duckling wines a few years back, when we saw that our customers wanted an inexpensive, easy-drinking and enjoyable wine that's right for drinking anytime. The Ugly Duckling wines are made from the same grapes as our typically dry red and white wines, but we've left some sugar in the wine to make these wines sweet and delectable.

Ugly Duckling Red  - Juicy and red, blackberry and spice

Ugly Duckling White - Enticing and sweet, honeydew

Blueberry - $10.99 (375 ml)

Blueberry - $10.99 (375 ml)

Blueberry (SOLD OUT)

While we pride ourselves on the quality of our estate-grown fruit; for the blueberry wine, we make an exception. The delicious blueberries in this wine come from the heart of blueberry country in Hammonton, NJ. One taste of this wine, and you'll see why!

Blueberry Wine - Decadent and rich, this dense sweet wine envelopes the palate. Enjoy alone, or try with vanilla ice cream or cheesecake.